September 2015 ....

Lloyds managers help manage the Park ...

On 15th September a group of volunteers, all managers from branches of Lloyds Bank, carried out four gardening projects within the Park.


The first project included extending the Eleonore House 'Bee-friendly' Border further along the fence. After removing weeds and adding compost, the new section was planted with three lavender plants and a buddleia. The volunteers also weeded and tidied up the original border and planted a fourth lavender at the corner where the bee-friendly border meets the wildflower border.

The second project involved removing vegetation to expose a short length of the ha-ha (sunken wall) on the northern border of the Park. Small ‘weed trees’ and bushes were cut down or dug up and ivy cleared from the wall itself. (The ha-ha was a feature of the landscaped gardens of Weston Favell House in Edwardian times and we want park users to be able to see at least part of it. At some stage we would like to add an information board about the ha-ha and the gardens it protected.)

Project 1 - 1
Project 2 - 1
Project 3 - 1
Project 4 - 1


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The third project refreshed the Crescent Rock Garden. It was weeded, raked and new plants added including wood anemones, winter aconites, snowdrops and primroses plus a few ferns. A stone that had been dislodged was replaced.

The forth project extended the cleared area along the ‘back’ of the Crescent Rock Garden (the area facing the Park) and planting it with wild flowers. Growing conditions are quite difficult under the pine trees and we are not sure how well these plants will do although they are ones that prefer shaded conditions.

Other News ....

It is always great to have teams of volunteers from business and industry working in our Park. They usually achieve a great deal in a short space of time and the team of managers from Lloyds Bank proved no exception. We have already had preliminary discussions about the group returning to do more work next spring.
This year we have been fortunate in having volunteers from Thomson Holidays in April as well as the managers from Lloyds in September. We have also had groups of students from North-ampton College working regularly for short periods during the spring and early summer. Strictly speaking, these are not volunteers because they do the work as part of a course, but their efforts are just as welcome!
And then, of course, we have volunteers from the local community who carry out all sorts of maintenance work, particularly during our Spring Cleans and Autumn Tidy-ups, but also on various other occasions throughout the year.
All these activities make a great deal of difference to the Park. Enterprise is contracted to carry out certain routine activities but there are jobs that need doing that just wouldn't get done without the input from volunteers. We may complain that this should not the case, but it is a fact of modern life; if we want our Park to look nice we need to take action to make them so.
We recently put a request on Facebook for anybody skilled in the operation of brushcutters to volunteer to work in the Park. But we also need people with other skills to work behind the scenes: people with IT skills to maintain the website, people with fundraising skills to apply for grants, people with writing skills to produce documents about the Park, people with organisational skills to plan and run events, people with advertising skills to publicise the Park and the work of the FoEP. We aim to be a truly community-based organisation and we would love more people to engage with what we attempt and sometimes manage to achieve!

The Need for Volunteers

There is no Ranger's Report for September as Park Ranger Kevin Skerry is on leave.

Eastfield Park Ranger's Report

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