November News ....

More Work in the Park ….

November witnessed another team of volunteers from the Banking Sector come to carry out improvements to Eastfield Park. This time it was a group of managers from Lloyds Banks who enhanced the Park with their activities. One group repaired the eroded area at the top of the ‘Eastfield Monster’ play mound. They filled the worn away area with soil from the play area spoil heap, levelled it off and sowed it with grass seed. Another group extended the cleared area in front of the ha-ha (sunken wall) on the northern border of the Park. Ivy was removed from the wall, screening branches cut back and the area in front of the ditch dug over and planted with daffodils. A third group carried out further improvements to the Crescent Rock Garden. They concentrated on the middle section, digging it over, removing weeds, adding compost and planting bulbs. This team also provided the funds for the plants added to the Eleonore House Border during the Autumn Community Enhancement of the Park.



Work carried out by LLoyds volunteers in November 2016

Also during the month, Christopher Freeman (assisted occasionally by Vic Smith) continued clearing the scrub and weed trees from the area between the Lake and the ‘Eastfield Monster’. This is designed to ‘open up’ the area making the path by the Lake more visible and, hopefully, reducing anti-social activity in the area. For the time being the tree stumps are left standing proud; they are being drilled and the holes filled with rock salt as a cheap and environmentally friendly way of killing the tree roots. The stumps will eventually rot down or be cut down to ground level. It is hoped that in future years this whole area can be planted with bulbs and spring-flowering plants.

compcorWork awaiting
compcorWork done

Progressive stages in removal of weed trees around the willow beside Mallard Walk

and more planned ....

Eleonore House Meadow & Garden Plan 2016


The Friends of Eastfield Park are still hoping to create an artificial meadow close to Eleonore House (see above diagram). However, instead of stripping off the present turf to remove competitive grasses and reduce soil fertility, as originally planned, it is now the intention to kill the present grasses using a garden weedkiller. The area will then be sown with meadow seeds including yellow rattle, wildflowers and less competitive grasses. Using a weedkiller rather than stripping off the turf will help to prevent the area from turning into a large muddy puddle. The area next to the artificial meadow will be left unmown until summer to see what wildflowers generate naturally.

Lights go on in Apple Tree Walk:



The lights in Apple Tree Walk were turned back on during November. We can thank Cllr Mike Hallam for getting them switched on. This wasn't easy because of confusion between the two Councils involved (NBC & NCC). We can also thank FoEP volunteer, Christopher Freeman, for trimming back the vegetation along the Walk some weeks ago. Hopefully, people now feel a lot safer walking along the path during dark winter evenings.

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