May 2014 ....


The hawthorn in Eastfield Park was looking particularly beautiful in mid-May when Vic Smith, Chair of the FoEP, walked through the Park taking photo-graphs and making notes about the state of the Park. He saw much that was encouraging but also some things that were rather upsetting. This prompted him to add three pictures to our Facebook page which he called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Hawthorn May 2014

The Good: This picture of a swan on the Lake illustrates so much that is good about Eastfield Park. The park provides a semi-natural oasis in a suburban area where one can relax in beautiful surroundings and appreciate the landscape and wildlife. There is plenty of space for those who wish to take part in more energetic activities without disturbing the peace of those who want to enjoy quieter surroundings.

Swan May 2014 - GOOD

The Ugly: Unfortunately, the beauty of the Park is often spoilt by the carelessness, thoughtlessness or simple laziness of some of its users. This drinks can left at the edge of the Lake illustrates this kind of selfish behaviour which also includes dog walkers failing to pick up the mess left by their own pets. Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog messes in a public place!

Litter May 2014 - UGLY

The Bad: Littering and failing to pick up dog mess are bad enough (and both criminal offences) but this kind of criminal damage (to the new seat by the lake) is just plain stupid. Neither carelessness nor laziness can account for such wilful vandalism and one wonders what kind of thought processes lead to such destructive behaviour. It is clear that such damage is one of the main factors preventing further improvements to the Park.

Damage to seat May 2014 - BAD

Other News ...

The short litter picking sessions, held every other week throughout March, April and May, have now come to an end. Over the three months, 22 bags of litter were collected during these short sessions. (This total includes the bags collected by Northampton College students when they joined in one of the sessions but not those they collected on other occasions). Excluding the students, the number of volunteers on each occasion ranged from two to five with nine taking part over the three months and putting in over sixty hours of effort.

The sessions were certainly worthwhile. In addition to removing so much rubbish from the Park (roughly equivalent to that removed during the 'spring clean') the sessions helped to raise the profile of the FoEP within the local community. A number of people stopped to thank us for the work we do.

The Borough Council has decided to set up Management Committees for several of its parks including Eastfield Park. The Council, Enterprise (who manage Parks on behalf of the Council) and local residents and users will all be represented on the Committees. The Eastfield Park Committee will have its preliminary meeting towards the end of June and the FoEP Chair has already been in discussions with the Council regarding the composition and scope of the Committee and how it will relate to the FoEP.

The first objective of the Committee will be to produce, maintain and oversee the implementation of a Management Plan for the Park. It is expected that the arrangement will lead to improved communications, and facilitate better co-ordination, between Park users, the FoEP, the Borough Council and Enterprise.

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