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On Saturday 6th July between 1.30 and 4.30 pm Vic Smith, Chair of Friends of Eastfield Park, will be pond-dipping in Eastfield Park. He will be more than willing to show his finds to members of the public. Vic is a qualified freshwater ecologist and will also be able to tell people something about the animals that live in the ponds.

Demo dragonfly feeding

Children are welcome to attend but should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Head of Notonecta
Head of Pond Skater (Gerris)

Two of the animals that may be found in the ponds.

Left: Water boatman; Right: Pond skater.
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It is hoped that other members of the Friends of Eastfield Park will be present to tell visitors about the history of the park and the work of the FoEP. Vic will set up his 'stall' somewhere near the top pond (shown above).


If you have any photos of Eastfield Park that you don't mind sharing with others, why not let us put them on this website or our sister website about the park? Unfortunately, we cannot offer any rewards for doing this other than the satisfaction of knowing that your pictures will be greatly appreciated by others.

Alternatively, you may have stories about the park that you would like to share with others. Did you play in the park as a child? If so, what activities did you get up to? Did you ever camp out in the park? Did you see any interesting wild animals? What games did you play? Did you ever get into trouble?

Stories (or photos) could be recent or from the distant park. If you want to let us have anything, simply contact us through the 'Contact' page.

Original photograph above supplied by Mick Clowes

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