June 2015 ....


Bee friendly ....

Students from Northampton College have been working hard to make the Eleanore House Borders more bee-friendly. During June, the extension to the west-facing border (made earlier in the year by volunteers from Thomson Holidays) was dug over again. The old plants (that were not doing very well) were removed and more compost added. It was then planted with species that would attract bees: Salvia nemorosa (Sage), Lavandula stoechas (French Lavender) and Sedum (Stonecrop). These were paid for from FoEP funds. The nasturtiums (Tropaeolum) that were planted with these are annuals that were grown from seeds provided free by the RHS.

Students planting the bee-friendly border
The finished border
Plants ready for planting in the Eleanore House Border extension

Bee-friendly plants ready for planting

Students at work

Border planted

The north-facing garden, also made by the volunteers from Thomson Holidays, is intended to be a wildflower garden. It was planted using wildflower seed carpets from 'Simple Sowing' plus some other wildflower seeds scattered between the carpets. The College students removed a lot of rape that was growing in this border but it would seem that the plants flowering so far are non-native species including (probably) Fagopyrum esculentum ('Buckwheat'), Malcomia maritima ('Virginia Stock') and Lobularia maritima ('Alyssum').

The students also weeded the original Eleanore House Border, watered all the borders and collected around six bags of litter. A small birch tree planted with student help was damaged by vandals and is unlikely to survive.

Woodpecker News

Last month we included a picture of a greater spotted woodpecker at its nest in the Park.. On 2nd June, Vic Smith took these pictures of a young woodpecker looking out of the nest. It seems that the young had successfully fledged by 4th June.


Are these really wildflowers?


Other News ....

There have been a number of reports of antisocial behaviour on the Park in recent months. In May News we described how the dipping platform on the top pond had been overturned and pushed into the water. (It has now been removed while we consider what to do with it next.) There have also been recent incidents of fly-tipping and some deliberate damage to trees while motorcycles continue to be a nuisance. It has also been reported that a dog was attacked and killed by two other dogs.
Graffiti, litter, flytipping and cleansing issues can be reported directly to Northampton Borough Council using the online form found at:
http://selfserve.northampton.gov.uk/ mycouncil/reportIt.html
but more serious incidents should be reported directly to the police using 101. Do also let the FoEP know about incidents you report.


I have managed to increase my patrols to three per week and I am pleased with that. There has been a slight change in our patrolling patterns which will help me increase my visits to Eastfield Park even more. June saw an increase of people using the Park throughout the day from early morning through to early evening. I saw increases in the number of dog walkers picking up and that is good.

The grass is being cut to a good standard and the bins were generally clear. On the subject of the grass and bins, it is open to the public to complain and, depending upon the complaints, a response from Enterprise would be generated. At the time of my June report both areas are good. There have been issues ongoing with motorcycles but I am aware that Neighbourhood Wardens are on top of this and engaging with Housing Officers where appropriate.

Eastfield Park Ranger's Report

for June 2015

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