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Last News!

This is the last Monthly News to appear on this website! January 2017 News will appear on a new FoEP website with a new domain:

The reason for the change is that the new site will use more recent software that will enable the site to look and perform much better for those who view it using mobile phones or tablets. Also, this site has the annoying habit of changing appearance as the page magnification is altered - try it with the first paragraph above! This should not happen with the new site.

All new news will be published on the new site; old news will be kept on this site until a suitable archive is constructed on the new site. For at least a year there will also be a link from the Welcome page of this site to the new site. Eventually, the domain name '' will be phased out.

The new site is already operational but it will not be ready for general viewing until the end of January Even then it will not be complete in every detail.

The FoEP 2017 AGM



But the work goes on ....

Work improving the Park continued well into December. FoEP volunteer Chris Freeman completed removal of most of the 'weed trees' from the slope below the Lake. Waste branches were then shredded by NBC Warden & Park Ranger Services - an excellent example of co-operation between NBC and the FoEP. Chris then tidied up the area between the bottom pond and the Lake, again removing 'weed trees' and the lower branches of other trees.


Vic Smith weeded and dug up an area at the 'back' of the Crescent Rock Garden. He then planted it with over 80 daffodil bulbs donated by Lloyds Bank and Broadmead Baptist Church.

2016-12-20 Chris - Before
2016-12-20 Chris - After

Also in December, a semi-circular area to the north of the Eleonore House fence was sprayed with a contact weed killer to kill strong growing competitive grasses. After a second spraying in early spring the area will be sowed with a mixture of meadow grasses and wildflowers to produce an 'artificial meadow'. The weed killer used is safe for dogs and other animals once it hasd dried.


Photos illustrating work carried out in December 2016 - Click on any picture to enlarge

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