August 2014 ....


During August, a small group of FoEP volunteers and Park Rangers carried out a number of minor improvements to Eastfield Park. The 'Sunflower Garden' (now called the 'Eleonore House Border') was weeded and re-edged, remaining branches from the fallen tree near the Skiddaw Walk entrance were tidied away, the west side of the north end of the Crescent Rock Garden was weeded and dug over, and reeds, branches and litter were removed from the bottom pond. (Pictures illustrating some of these improvements are shown in the column on the right - just click on each picture for a larger view with caption.)

The FoEP now has a long list of tasks it would like to carry out during the autumn and to accomplish these we need the help of volunteers from the local community and, ideally, further afield. Some of Northampton's other parks will be giving us perennial herbs and shrubs to plant in the Eleonore House Border and we would love to extend this small garden further along the fence. We need to dig compost in to the part of the Crescent Rock Garden recently weeded by volunteers and then plant it with spring bulbs and other flowers. Additional plants can be added to the rest of this garden and, if we can get sufficient bulbs, it would be good to plant them elsewhere in the Park. Paths not maintained by Enterprise need clearing of encroaching vegetation and it would be great if we could clear reeds from a larger area of the ponds. Additionally, there is always litter picking and pruning epicormic growth from Lime Trees to be carried out.

We are holding our annual 'Autumn Tidy-up' in the Park on Saturday, 4th October between 10.00am and 4.00pm and we hope to carry out many of these tasks on that occasion, provided we get sufficient volunteers. As usual, free refreshments will be available on the day and a free lunch will be provided for those who order it in advance (make your request through the 'Contact' page on this web site or by texting Vic Smith on 07981 302968). All tools and equipment (including gloves) will be provided but, if you are coming, please wear suitable clothing and footwear. Volunteers are welcome to come for the whole day or just an hour; any contribution is welcome but, if you do just come for a short while, please make sure you sign in and out, read the safety instructions and know exactly what you should be doing.

It is unlikely that we will be able to achieve everything we want to at the Autumn Tidy-up and we are also organising short two-to-three-hour activities on various occasions throughout the autumn (and possibly into winter). One of these activities has already been planned for Saturday 27th September between 10.00am and 12.30pm. Do join us if you feel able, but if you would like to volunteer for some other occasion, possibly during the week or on a Sunday afternoon, please let Vic know and he will try to arrange something. Refreshments are not provided for these short activities but tools and gloves are. Vic would particularly like help to clear out the ponds at a time when he is not busy with other activities. But be warned! This is dirty, smelly work and you will need to make time for a shower or bath after work before doing anything else! You don't need to get into the water to help but if you have waders and are prepared to put them on and get stuck in (not literally, we hope) that would be great! If you are interested in volunteering, contact Vic through the the 'Contact' page or email


Bef&Aft Aug14 ElHoBrd
Bef&Aft Aug14 SkidWlkEnt
Bef&Aft Aug14 CresRckGdn
Bef&Aft Aug14 Bot Pond
Removing reeds from bottom pond
Loading reeds into the wheelbarrow
Working on the Crescent Rock Garden

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